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How to have remote access to nikrad platform?

Nikrad Enterprise Platform is a web based enterprise system, so the platform and installed dynamics are accessible via a Web Browser over a network such as the Internet or an Intranet.

Nikrad platform is compatible with the most popular web browsers and Mozilla Firefox is recommended by us.

If you have a local intranet, so you do not need to have any internet connection and you can call the server on your local area network directly.

If you wish to have remote access to nikrad platform from the internet, you need to have a persistent internet connection that should be mapped to the server. You may refer to the topics such as NAT, Port Mapping, Virtual Host, DMZ, etc on your modem or router administration panel. The http protocol for WAN access is also required to be enabled. So you can call the valid static IP of the server on the internet for external access.

Note: If you have a firewall or any kinds of internet security softwares installed on the server, you must open the specified Port Number of the Apache Tomcat Application Server (8080 as default) and define it as an exception.

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