Email Integration into nikrad enterprise platform

To use the features of automatic email management, you should define technical information of your email accounts in the system. Each user may do so by referring to Settings / My Profile through the menu bar. Furthermore it is possible to define a separate email account for each unit in Units management section.

Whenever a user visits the Units section, system automatically checks his email account and also emails of the units that he is a member of at regular intervals and registers them as Email In activities into the system. Activities created and registered in this way, are subsequently assigned to relevant units according to the email accounts.

At the time of setting up email accounts, if we also define a Spam Folder for each email account, Email In activities will be assigned to related spam unit instead of corresponding Unit. Spams are emails that their sender addresses are not registered in Account Profiles, Points Of Contacts of the Accounts or Account Divisions. In case some received emails are detected as an Account’s emails but behaved as spam we must register that email address into the Account Profile, assign the activity to a valid Unit along with linking that activity to the mentioned account profile.

In case we want to send an email to a specific account we begin by creating an Activity of Email Out type and then we continue by entering the subject and content of the email into the activity. The activity should be in Open (Not Closed) State. The activity also needs to be linked to an Account:



If the checkbox "Prepare to Send" is checked, system will forward the activity to the final messaging page by clicking on the "Save" button, otherwise the activity will be registered to be sent later:



Thus, by clicking on the Action icon, the Summary and Details of the Activity along with a list of attachments will be sent to the final messaging page. In this section, it is possible to design and color the contents of the email. According to the data access level of the user, the attached files are listed at the bottom of this section letting the user select the files which he wants to attach them to the email by marking their checkboxes:



Users can also fetch contents of text documents from archive system as template or use the variable for automatic insertion of account name on the email body. In the To field a list of email addresses related to the account is displayed for selection by the user with one click. By clicking on the Send Email button, the email is sent and the system automatically updates the email activity and sets the State of it to Completed. A row is also added to the Activity History to confirm that the email has been sent.

If you wish to send mass emails to a group of accounts, you may employ Messaging section through the menu bar:



Attention: in order to send emails, the user must have been granted the required access privilege for sending emails.

Note: If you have any problems while receiving incoming emails (for example loss of email body or attachments) you should try different protocol types (e.g. IMAP or POP3).

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