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Activating New Accounts

Nikrad gateway uses a routine mechanism to validate email addresses of new registered users. This feature will be enabled if the status of related parameter on the gateway properties file is enabled. In this mode all accounts will have the text "{NOT-ACTIVATED}" on their "CID" field on the database once they are created (registered). Nikrad gateway will not allow its users to log into the system while they have the mentioned text on their CID field.

While a new account is created, gateway will send confirmation email to the email address that is provided by the user to inform him that his account is created and needs to be activated by him. User must click on the provided URL inside of the confirmation email to activate his account. After that user can log on to the gateway system and take advantage of his membership. If a user does not receive the confirmation email within a day, he can send an activation request from the registered email address to us. On the platform side, we can activate account profile of the user by removing the mentioned text from the CID field manually.

Handling Online Tickets

Gateway visitors that are registered as valid users can submit their issues as tickets by selecting the relevant department. They also can track and reply submitted tickets. Tickets will be registered as Activities that are assigned to the relevant System Unit on the platform. Content of a ticket will be attached to the related activity as a note. We also can define Data Forms to enhance quality of collected information from gateway users. If we specify a workflow Process for a ticket department, the related activity will be automatically linked to an auto-created Case.

Platform users can review ticket type activities that are assigned to their departments considering attached notes. Finally platform users can add their response to ticket activities by appending new notes with checked "Declarable" option. While users do select the Declarable option of ticket type activities, the platform changes the status of corresponding activities to "In Progress" and sends notification to email address of gateway users to inform them about the status of handled tickets. Gateway users are able to reopen tickets and assign them to platform users by replying tickets. All notes with checked "Declarable" option are accessible (visible) for gateway users.

Enterprise platform will use information of the Notifications mail server that is defined on "Settings / System Settings" section.

Note: Platform users can insert contents of text documents from archive system as predefined templates into their notes while they change the note state to html mode by clicking on the "Content" link.

Creating Manual Tickets

Platform users are able to create tickets for gateway users manually. For this purpose they could register ticket type activities and link them to corresponding Account profiles. They must add their message as note with checked Declarable option. While users do select the Declarable option of manual ticket type activities, platform will send notification to email address of gateway users to inform them about new tickets that are opened and waiting for their response.

Handling Online Orders

Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce whereby gateway users directly buy goods or services over the Internet without an intermediary service. We can present our products on the gateway Store by editing information of Goods and Services on the platform Settings and selecting the option "Present on eShop" on the "Item Properties on eShop" section.

We can limit the range of order quantity by using minimum and/or maximum Order Limitation fields. The maximum order quantity will be changed automatically when quantity of available goods in the warehouse is not adequate.

We are able to set the shipping cost for every single item. If you use shipping costs, it is required to set related parameter in gateway properties file to the appropriate Good ID of the Freight that you have defined as a service item.

If you wish to enable control feature for quantity on hand of good items, enable the related parameter on gateway properties and set value of the field "Store ID" to the corresponding store number on the "Goods and Services / Item Properties on eShop" section. You can enter 0 if you wish to disregard controlling the quantity on hand.

When a gateway user finalizes the purchase process, the quantity of sold items will be reduced in inventory system and a Sales Invoice dynamic activity will be created and assigned to the specified department that is defined on gateway properties file. Gateway also sends the Invoice to the user email address automatically if the status of related parameter on gateway properties file is enabled.

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