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How can I customize invoices?

There is a list of parameters you can use to customize structure and layout of invoices on print. To activate any of these modes the relevant parameter should be registered into the system through "Settings \ System Settings \ General Settings \ Special Order Code" using "[ ]" brackets.


[invoice-nosign]   Deactivates showing the Signature phrases at the bottom of invoices
[invoice-nosum]   Removes the Summary section from Invoices and Returns, moving the ID and Date to the top on a bright background
[invoice-nonum]   Removes the ID in case the Summary block is deactivated
[invoice-nodest]   Removes Bill To and Ship To blocks even when they are specified
[invoice-nocols]   Removes Code and Tax columns to simplify Sales and Purchase invoices
[invoice-nostore]   Removes Store column from Sales and Purchase invoices
[invoice-nologger]   Removes Logger information from footer of Sales and Purchase invoices
[invoice-summaryastitles]   Print contents of the Summary field instead of Title of items
[quote-nosum]   Removes the Summary section from Quotes
[quote-nofullbill]   If the Full Type Bill is enabled, additional columns mode will not be applied to Quotes
[quote-customersign]   Show Signature of customers on Sales Quotes
[quote-unpaid-title]   Add "Unpaid" to the title of quotes when the Paid option is not checked
[order-nosum]   Removes the Summary section from Orders
[contract-nosum]   Removes the Summary section from Contracts
[invoice-nosum-all]   Removes the Summary section from Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Contracts and Returns
[trades-printonfixation]   Documents need to be confirmed or stabilized to be printed


Notes: Uploading an image as logo which is possible through "Settings \ System Settings \ Reports Configuration" will result in inverting the dark ribbon on the top to white color and repositioning the invoice title from the center to the right area. In businesses that print invoices on papers with pre-printed headers including logo, besides defining margin to the top edge, they can upload a solid blank image with white background as logo to prepare appropriate free area for the pre-printed header and reposition the invoice title to the right.

Example: Defining these codes will result in removing the Summary area and simplifying the invoice layout by hiding additional columns of items information:

[invoice-nosum] [invoice-nocols]

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