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Nikrad Hypersystems is a supplier of modern business management softwares with emphasis on small to medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to help organizations run their businesses more effectively, aid them gain greater insight into their business activities and provide them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes. Our applications cover a wide range of business requirements.

We have focused exclusively on developing an innovative enterprise system with a new style which is beyond the traditional ERP and CRM management principles.


Our mission is providing powerful and easy to use business management solutions to help the world to be managed better. Profit is not the primary goal of us.


Helping businesses and organizations to upgrade their management levels leads to a brighter future for the world. We are also planning to outspread our professionals network to empower our promotion program and making new job opportunities around the world.


Our products as economic alternatives are implemented in Java EE technology that is public, strong, secure and platform independent to support several operating systems without extra burden. Nikrad products are easy to learn and use. We have designed our applications with the highest integration level, comprehensive data security system and fast remote access facilities even on slow internet connections and without expensive servers.


We measure our success by our clients success. Businesses in all vertical markets ranging in size from the small and medium through the large enterprises leverage the power of our products every day. Today, thousands of users at hundreds of companies around the globe rely on our products to help in their drive for operational excellence and a competitive advantage.

Take a look at our Customer Testimonials to get an idea of our clients' experiences.

How to contact us

Whereas nikrad enterprise system is created to serve millions of users worldwide, We are only able to serve our users through our resource center and issue tracking system.

We are preparing a worldwide network of partners to meet users' needs and provide expert assistance. All users can refer to Nikrad Professionals Network to select independent service provider from the list of individual or corporative service providers for nikrad solutions and technologies.

We only serve our users through our resource center and issue tracking system by qualified professionals.
All registered users can have communication with us by opening tickets and assigning them to appropriate departments. Users can track and respond their submitted tickets at any time.

You can mail to us at the address below:

Head Office:
Building No.5/2701, Dali Plaza, No.99, Xiangjiang Road,
Qingdao ETDZ, Shandong Province, China.
Postal Code: 266555

+86 (532) 89604659
+86 (532) 89607175

+86 (532) 89604578

What's Next

We are growing with our users and we plan to continue to promote our products as the most pervasive information management solutions for all types of businesses. We Closely follow our users, their requests and suggestions and build them into our planning. We are excited and honored to share our solutions with you.

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