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Nikrad Business Suite

Nikrad presents an easy to use, modern and efficient enterprise software that is designed to be a world standard business management solution with emphasis on small to mid-sized businesses. It brings a full featured paperless office to you and provides marketing, sales and customer service teams with the tools they need to sell more and provide industry leading customer care.


Nikrad Enterprise Platform is a flexible
and extensible business management solution with emphasis on CRM and ERP principles and as a web based and integrated collaboration suite supports business processes, information flows, reporting, and data analytics in all types of businesses.


Nikrad Enterprise Dynamics is a collection of intelligent information systems installed on the enterprise platform utilizing platform features such as worktable, departments, cases, workflow, assignment, data forms, security and so on to provide supplementary features.


Nikrad Enterprise Gateway is an extra enterprise area portal including several subsystems that could be run through an independent web application alongside enterprise platform as an information sharing mechanism between an organization and its clients over the Internet.
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What sets
Nikrad products

  • Economic Alternative
  • Easy to learn and use with the highest integration level design
  • Scalable, high performance, high capacity data storage capability
  • 100% Web Based with easy and fast deployment framework and remote access benefits
  • Based on Java EE as public, strong, secure and cross-platform development technology
  • A perfect CRM & ERP solution for Windows, Linux, Android and Apple Mac OS

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