Customer Testimonials

While we conduct our quality management audits we ask our clients to provide opinions to us. Special thanks to all of our users who took the time to share their success with nikrad and for allowing us to share their inspiring stories.

These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our successful users.


“Embedded features in profiles and forms sections have enabled us to make up special profiles and cases in a way that as if this software system has been personalized for us”

At first we needed a software system that could make it possible for our trading department staff to connect to it independently. Afterwards it was made clear to us that we also needed a solution which we could connect to it remotely. In addition, since most of our personnel are young, everyone used to do his job on his own way. Therefore a software system that could force personnel to do their tasks in a single specific way and give our organization solidarity seemed to be an urgent need.

Nikrad products have always been better in quality in comparison with rivals. We chose nikrad because of its products reasonable prices and its more efficient customer service compared to that of other companies. Nikrad software has always provided us with a solution whenever we have encountered a problem. Designed steps of workflow automation, integrated system for registering activities into the corresponding accounts profiles anytime, existence of the departments and the ability of categorizing the accounts based on their type of work, are all strong points of this software system.

Nikrad software has been a suitable and successful solution for us and has brought discipline at our workplace. Discipline is a bridge to success. With this arrangement nikrad hasn't let us make even a little mistake.

A. Eskandar Por, CEO

Amertat IT Co.
Server and network equipment supplier for large enterprises


“Nikrad has enabled us to increase our customer satisfaction and make organizational long-term decisions that with relying on them we are having a large share of global market”

Before we use nikrad, we encountered problems such as workplace chaos, Interference and interactions in demands and employee performance. We needed a software which we could register and manage our customers orders and delivery of the goods with. The software should also provide us with a solution for the delivery of goods from different warehouses to customers and give us planning methods to do this and made it possible for us to raise the speed of this mechanism.

The facility of registering activities into this system substantially helped us to better deal with our customers that had various needs. Also, automated workflow process, dynamic forms and departments section were examples of the useful features of the program that helped us greatly in different cases. With nikrad software no additional action or work is added to organizational processes while employees are relocated within the organization. Such feature is a remarkable point that must be mentioned.

Increasing customer satisfaction, timely delivery of goods to customers, reduction in business costs, raise in accuracy and precision of personnel performance and well-made decisions are all reasons that have had direct impact on the success of the organization after we employed nikrad software. This success is definitely has been achieved through the accurate reporting features of this software.

We love nikrad because it has reduced our stress regarding administrative problems. Nikrad has enabled us to increase our customer satisfaction and make organizational long-term decisions that with relying on them we are having a large share of global market.

Thomas Hamilton, Sales Manager

Maxqt Corporation
Supplier of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Compomponents


“Nikrad platform makes me aware”

What sets silverhino apart from other brokerage firms is our strong commitment to high level customer service. With our friendly and knowledgeable team of account executives, our customers can feel secure that their trading experience will be unlike any other.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of working with a customer care system with a choice of nikrad as a leading customer relationship management system. We are confident that our customers can find the level of service that’s right for them.

Roberto Gasini, Operations Director

HVAC Systems


“Employment of nikrad software has resulted in improving quality in our business and raising its functionality”

Many different factors such as getting instant access to the information, not having dependency on any particular person or tact, standardizing, reducing costs, numerous employees and problems we had while doing massive works led us to employ nikrad software for our company. Today every single person in our set use this software and employment of nikrad software has resulted in improving quality in our business and raising its functionality.

Simple menus, easily accessible tools for the inventory, needing less parameters, increasing speed in business, saving time in finding errors in the system, strategic marketing planning, error free system of production and flawless production pages, statements of profit and loss, calculating cost of goods accurately are all perfect features of nikrad system.

The potency and strength of nikrad corporation, brings peace of mind for its customers regarding preservation of their private information.

R. Nazar Panah, CFO

Karizab Co.
Water Purifier, Steam Boilers and Chlorine Measurement Kit Manufacturer


“Nikrad is a pivotal solution for touching the success”

As markets become more dependent on technology, spreads continue to tighten, financial products become more interdependent world, trading operations face continuous change. BTTCO recognizes that the most successful firms in the derivatives industry are those that most effectively evolve with and adapt to these industry changes.

We use nikrad as an easy to use solution, because commitment to customers satisfaction is our highest priority and improves to meet the ever increasing needs of our members. Nikrad is a pivotal solution for collecting money and touching the success.

Nicole Dixon, Sales Manager

Business solutions provider


“Using nikrad systems, will yield such results for you that you can’t even think of”

We needed a system that we could sort our information with and provided us with data reporting and updating facilities. Moreover it should equip us with the workflow automation tools and increase our speed of access to information. Having all these specifications, nikrad attracted us and encouraged us to furnish our business with it. Increased accuracy, reduced errors and saved time have been results of using nikrad.

Nikrad products are easy to install and implement. With nikrad, information are always available and can be easily and quickly approached. One of the outstanding features of nikrad is that you can register your past activities today.

Nikrad systems are easy to use. Using these systems, will yield such results for you that you can’t even dream of.

Ms. H. Dehlavi, COO

Nipak Co.
Medical equipment and hospital care supplier


“Nikrad has devised a solution to any upcoming issue and will find a way for any potential problem”

We were looking for a system that could help us separate the information and files of our projects from each other and let us create and identify a unique account for each. That was how we became familiar with nikrad products and tend to use them. Increasing the efficiency of our business and getting organized have been consequences of using nikrad products.

Nikrad is simple and easy. Its Installation is quick and concise. Updating nikrad’s software is quite friendly. Nikrad is for businesses to work with. Nikrad is economic and efficient. Nikrad has devised a solution to any upcoming issue and will find a way for any potential problem.

Sara Mahamedi, Financial Manager

Niyan Co.
Consulting engineering and map analysis


“The most significant and notable feature of the nikrad information system is its simplicity”

Different factors such as personnel tendency to forget things at work, excessive use of paper in the office, feeling of strong need to archive system and categorizing superintendent profiles,  led us to the idea of employing an organizational information system. As a result we chose nikrad.

Application of nikrad information system has had three remarkable outcomes for us. At First the discipline. Then acceleration of business operations. And finally It helps our information and human resources to remain intact when a change occurs among personnel positions or an individual is added or subtracted. It also simplifies the process of training the newly hired employees in the shortest possible time so that they can replace former employees.

The most significant and notable feature of the nikrad information system is its simplicity. It is also user friendly and by means of that you can have high speed information access. The archive system is so efficient likewise.

Nikrad is successful because of its easiness and order. Nikrad information systems functionality is very strong and powerful.

Behzad S. M., Sales Manager

Farazin Co.
Office furniture and partition manufacturer


“Nikrad enterprise system could be both learnt and taught in a very short time”

The previous software system that we used to use was very old, outdated and difficult to work with. Also it could only be run on old operating systems. All these problems motivated us to replace our software system with a new one. In addition, our need to Production and calculating cost of goods feature determined us more to look for a comprehensive solution. We needed a software that was easy to use and could clarify our data. So that we chose nikrad as a stable and platform independent software system.

Nikrad software system provides good access to reporting tools which work great. This software system has high speed. Data entry in nikrad software system is quite easy and fast. It could be both learnt and taught in a very short time. The solution provided in this software system for problems of diversity of exterior accounts is very practical.

Nikrad system is very powerful and easy. Using this software helps you save time.

Pejman Korami, CFO

Alfam Co.
Aluminum radiators manufacturer


“Nikrad solutions helped our company to be better managed”

Nikrad's good support and customer service persuaded us to replace our former organizational software with its products.

Nikrad solutions organized our company's information and helped our company to be better managed. Nikrad solutions prepared a condition for us that we could reduce our dependence on the company then. As we started working with nikrad software we discovered that how easy it is to work with and realized that The speed of data access is greatly high. The currency reporting and the reporting rate which are noticeable features of nikrad’s solutions significantly helped us on various occasions.

Shahryar Araqi, Financial Manager

Shimbar Co.
Water and wastewater treatment plant contractor


“We recommend nikrad to all”

We needed nikrad because we were looking for a software that could gather our contacts information in one place and unify them.

Attachments, archive section, calendars and bulletin boards are the great features embedded in software nikrad. The benefits of using nikrad are: being web-based, high speed, having no system failures, simple use and being cool while working with the system.

Both reduced accumulation of archival papers and having information in a software system set have been our achievements since we use nikrad. We recommend nikrad to all.

Marjan Rahimi, Sales Development Manager

Behrizan Co.
Fittings manufacturer


“Nikrad is responsive to all your needs and keeps all your data under control”

Our need for data access and data reporting facilities caused us to use nikrad products.

Since nikrad products have comprehensive guides and nikrad software itself is easy to work with and its different features are easily available to the user, it is clear that nikrad's products have many significant points. Good software features of nikrad are department stores, comparison charts of the sales and generated formulas of production.

This software has helped us to easily gather the information relevant to a particular topic and decide more easily and wisely in difficult situations. Nikrad is responsive to all your needs and keeps all your data under control.

Marzieh Amini, CFO

Maad Electric Corporation
Industrial ceramic parts manufacturer


“Using nikrad is the smartest idea that a company can have”

We had to to gather information from clients and customers from time to time. So we were looking for a software that could help us in this way and provide us with features of reporting on information. That is because we have chosen nikrad. With nikrad we can effectively collect information we need accurately and quickly. With nikrad our information are more cohesive than before, and the scattered data is reduced.

Nikrad is easy to use. It has got plenty of reporting facilities and minimum system failures. In addition nikrad is excellent at supporting their products. Using nikrad is the smartest idea that a company can have.

Nilo Kazrai, Sales Manager

Satrap Co.
Railway industry, repair and maintenance


“Nikrad helps you not to be worried about a thing”

In order to automate our office and collect and aggregate data in a more suitable way in our organization, we needed a software that could make it possible for us to achieve these goals. Hence we have choses nikrad.

Some positive aspects of this software are: easy installation, being efficient, simple way of receiving and recording customer information, systems accurate control and monitoring on data re-entry. Also the sales section and the possibility of making reports on all phases of the software are very impressive.

Since we have been using nikrad software, we are gathering more comprehensive information from customers and we have the optimum inventory control. Nikrad is easy and helps you not to be worried about a thing.

Leila Eyvazkani, Sales Manager

Milan Kala Plast
Injection devices and accessories manufacturer

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