Partnership Program

We are preparing a worldwide network of partners to meet users' needs and provide expert assistance.

Nikrad business suite as an easy to use, modern and efficient enterprise system is designed to be a world standard business management solution with emphasis on small to medium-sized businesses. You can play a pivotal role in helping your customers and other users on the planet to get the best out of this extensible information system.

Nikrad Professionals Network!

All users can refer to Nikrad Professionals Network to select independent service provider from the list of individual or corporative service providers for nikrad solutions and technologies.

Nikrad partnership program authorizes Consultants, IT Professionals, Solution Developers, and Systems Integrators to install, implement, support and develop nikrad products.

Partner Types and Requirements

Our partner program consists of two partnership types with variable levels of activities for providing services and solutions. The Name, logo, information and activity topics related to all types of partners will be displayed in nikrad professionals network. All users can find contact information of nikrad partners through the network and have direct communication with them.

  • Individual Partners

    • Register yourself on nikrad website by creating an individual type account
    • Train yourself with documentations and resources accessible from training section
    • Complete the¬†partnership application and agreement

    The nikrad certified professional exam is designed for individual IT consultants, either independent or employed by a nikrad partner.

  • Corporative Partners

    • Operate from a professional office facility
    • Employ at least two full-time professional employees familiar with nikrad products
    • Register your company on nikrad website by creating a business type account
    • Corporative partners must have nikrad certified professional on staff
    • Train your staff with documentations and resources accessible from training section
    • Complete the¬†partnership application and agreement

Service Types

Here is a list of different types of services that could be provided by partners: Installation, Training, Maintenance, Hosting, Implementation, Development.

General Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Training and Operational Support
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
Advances Services
  • Financial Services
  • Consultation and Implementation
  • Development and Third-party Solutions

Become a Partner

Partner Verification Program

We are interested to have skilled partners that can professionally deliver the consulting and support services required by many of our users to achieve success in using nikrad products. Experienced solution providers can validate their real-world skills by earning nikrad verification testimonial.

To become a nikrad verified partner, you can apply for partner verification after successfully providing each type of services for at least 5 independent businesses. Nikrad partner verification procedure is completely dependent on customer satisfaction rate achieved through our survey process. Provided services for rating partners falls into following main and sub categories:
  • Installation (Automated, Manual)
  • Maintenance (Automated, Manual)
  • Training (Platform, Dynamics, Gateway)
  • Hosting (Platform, Gateway)
  • Implementation (Platform, Dynamics, Gateway)
  • Development (Platform, Gateway, Third-party)

Apply for Partner Verification

The verified service types provided by partners will be marked distinctly on nikrad professionals network.
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